Thursday, 18 July 2013

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  Recently we done PhD problem for research scholar who is seeking problem in wireless sensor domain.
 Also we done solution in manner of paper and implementation (ns2),its ready for journal purpose .Here  sample of that problem If any one need this problem mail us .

   With the continued advances in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have and will play a vital role in our daily lives. [1]. WSNs have received significant attention from researchers because they find applications spanning over vast and varied areas such as habitat monitoring, object tracking, military systems, and industrial and home automation. Sensor nodes are typically powered by batteries with a limited lifetime, and in most cases, the batteries cannot be recharged. The energy problem in WSNs remains as one of the major barriers that prevent the complete exploitation of this technology. In wireless sensor networks where nodes are powered by batteries, it is critical to prolong the network lifetime by minimizing the energy consumption of each node .One such problem is how to create an organizational structure amongst these nodes. Since the fundamental advantage of WSNs is the ability to deploy them in an ad hoc manner,as it is not feasible to organize these nodes into groups predeployment.

Problem Identification

The clustering phenomenon as we can see, plays an important role in not just organization of the network, but can dramatically affect network performance.
The cluster and re-clustering scheme pays major roles in WSNs ans Also in most of the protocols they do not taken into account of the node mobility and have not followed an appropriate location management scheme for the re-clustering which results in the wastage of energy and causing extra delay.the alternate Cluster Head (CH) selection or the re-clustering was done in such a way that there exists more delay and high energy consumption thereby resulting in the reduced lifetime of the network.

Proposed Work
The solution for clustering and location management scheme with novel approach is provided ...more details contact us.

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