Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NS2 Course


Complete Network Simulator-2[NS2] Course
Course content
Fundamental aspects of Network simulator2.
    Linux Environments & Commands
   Languages’: C++, TCL
Network Animator Simulation
Xgraph Simulation
Wired Domain
Design of wired network,
           Node Creation, link creation,
    Data transfer and results.
 Creation of new Protocol
Wireless Domain
Design of Wireless Networks
MAC protocols
Routing Protocols
Node Configuration
Data Transfer
Creation of New protocol

Duration: 12 days (24 hours)                                               Place: Chennai,India
Contact For more details:
Email@ ieeeprojects2008@gmail.com

Blackhole and Greyhole attack In Manet

Hi All,
here the reference for implementing the blackhole & grayhole attacks in manets.
Blackhole & Grayhole
Byzantine attack module
Its helpful for developing security in Manets.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Approaching Throughput-Optimality in Distributed CSMA Scheduling Algorithms With Collisions
Buffer Sizing for 802.11-Based Networks
Lifetime and Coverage Guarantees Through Distributed Coordinate-Free Sensor Activation
Selection Relaying Schemes for Cooperative Wireless Networks with Adaptive Modulation
Message Delivery Capacity in Delay-Constrained Mobile Sensor Networks: Bounds and Realization
Secure data collection using mobile data collector in clustered wireless sensor networks
Clustering and fault tolerance for target tracking using wireless sensor networks
Secure High-Throughput Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Privacy-Preserving Universal Authentication Protocol for Wireless Communications
Maelstrom: Transparent Error Correction for Communication Between Data Centers

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