Thursday, 2 August 2012

Complete Network Simulator-2[NS2] Course
Course content
Fundamental aspects of Network simulator2.
       Linux Environments & Commands
       Languages’: C++, TCL
Network Animator Simulation
Xgraph Simulation
Wired Domain
   Design of wired network,
           Node Creation, link creation,
     Data transfer and results.
  Creation of new Protocol
Wireless Domain
Design of Wireless Networks
MAC protocols
Routing Protocols
Node Configuration
Data Transfer
Creation of New protocol

Duration: One Month                                  Place: Chennai,India
We will plan support online course of NS2, any query contact
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Installation probelms In Ns2

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New Titles 2012 For researcher

New Titles 2012 For researcher

1.     Link-Stability and Energy Aware Routing Protocol in Distributed Wireless Networks.
2.     Throughput and Delay Analysis for Convergecast with MIMO in Wireless Networks.
3.     Risk-Aware Mitigation for MANET Routing Attacks.
4.     OMAN: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network Design System.
5.     Quality-of-service-enabled ant colony-based multipath routing for mobile ad hoc networks.
6.     Declarative Policy-Based Adaptive Mobile Ad Hoc Networking.
7.     Balancing the Trade-Offs between Query Delay and Data Availability in MANETs.
8.     Power-aware dual-tree-based multicast routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks.
9.     Adaptive Opportunistic Routing for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
10.                                                                                                                 A Secure & Smooth Trade-Offs between Throughputs and Delay in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
11.                                                                                                                Improving Energy Saving and Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Simple CRT-Based Packet-Forwarding Solution.
12.                      Ship Detection with Wireless Sensor Networks
13.                      Degree-Based Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Under Attack
14.                      Throughput and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks With Gaussian Channels
15.                     Static Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Multicast Advance Reservation in All-Optical Wavelength-Routed WDM Networks
16.                      Improving Energy Saving and Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Simple CRT-Based Packet-Forwarding Solution
17.                      Cross-Layer Analysis of the End-to-End Delay Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
18.                      Distributed -Optimal User Association and Cell Load Balancing in Wireless Networks
19.                      On the Security and Efficiency of Content Distribution via Network Coding
20.                      Design and Analysis of the Gateway Relocation and Admission Control Algorithm in Mobile WiMAX Networks