Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NS2 Course


Complete Network Simulator-2[NS2] Course
Course content
Fundamental aspects of Network simulator2.
    Linux Environments & Commands
   Languages’: C++, TCL
Network Animator Simulation
Xgraph Simulation
Wired Domain
Design of wired network,
           Node Creation, link creation,
    Data transfer and results.
 Creation of new Protocol
Wireless Domain
Design of Wireless Networks
MAC protocols
Routing Protocols
Node Configuration
Data Transfer
Creation of New protocol

Duration: 12 days (24 hours)                                               Place: Chennai,India
Contact For more details:
Email@ ieeeprojects2008@gmail.com


  1. i wanted to know about MAC protocols
    Routing Protocols,if you can help me ?

  2. Ya u just send mail to ieeeprojects2008@gmail.com

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    I would like to know about the course duration and fees for ns2.. Can you mail me the details my email id: sereneriver21@gmail.com

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